SDC Business


Northern Resource Trucking

Northern Resource Trucking Limited Partnership is a company comprised of First Nations and Metis partners from communities throughout Northern Saskatchewan, along with Trimac Transportation. NRT hauls commodities for the companies that mine the rich resources of this region.

NRT is positioned to respond to the needs of any customer that requires transportation of commodities to and from the north. Our major customers; Cameco Corporation, AREVA Resources, Claude Resources, and are currently the operators of the uranium and gold mines of northern Saskatchewan and includes the ability to haul these commodities across the ice roads in the winter season.

NRT’s fleet of highly trained professionals can be counted on to navigate high gross equipment across a vast and challenging terrain, such as gravel roads, in a safe and timely manner. We are equipped with a mobile satellite dispatch system that relays messages back and forth between dispatch computers in each truck. The system also has a tracking device if one of our drivers should find themselves in distress.

Flyer Electric

Flyer Electric has been providing a wide range of industrial and commercial electrical services in Saskatchewan for over 35 years. We’re known for our commitment to quality, dedication to safety, and attention to every detail. Quite simply, we get the job done right — on time, and within budget. Whether it is a capital or maintenance project, new construction, expansion or somewhere in between, Flyer Electric has a proven track record of integrity and efficiency.

We continually strive for excellence and remain open to learning, growing, and continuously improving. Our project managers and senior leaders are proactive and actively engaged in all projects. We pride ourselves on exceptional communication and are dedicated to recommending potential cost savings and solutions for any project no matter what its size. The end result is Flyer Electric consistently delivers the highest quality product to all our valued customers.

Joint Ventures


Mudjatik Thyssen Mining (MTM)   is a joint venture between Thyssen Mining and Mudjatik Enterprises. Mudjatik Enterprises is a joint venture among various First Nations and Métis communities. MTM is the underground mine construction, development and production mining contractor of choice for northern Saskatchewan. MTM’s mission is to provide northern Saskatchewan’s residents and communities the opportunity to responsibly participate in and benefit from the Saskatchewan uranium mining industry, through career and business opportunities.